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One purpose is for verifying the correct connection of CTs and PTs as a system is placed in service. You might expect – based on watt and VAR readings from the other end of a line – that A phase current should lab by 30 degrees (as an example). If you plug in and find it lags by 150 well you might have a couple of CT’s rolled. If the current amplitude differs from the other end – the CT might be on the wrong tap and so on. Essentially it ensures that the protective or metering device is correctly connected to the instrument transformers – and substations have test switches for exactly that purpose. Beyond that this device serves as a KWH standard and power quality (harmonic distortion) meter.

The above is a competing device and is intended for the same purpose – except it is $3500 and mine is $1900. The Megger instrument also ONLY measures phase angle and you have to connect other meters to get the amplitude. There is no distortion measurement and even the angle, the only function, is not as accurate.