Dave Haskin

Dave Haskin

Dave Haskin: The vision behind ElectricalTestTech.com comes from Dave. He had the vision to try and expose a rarely seen part of the electrical industry. This exposure would hopefully be interesting enough to make electricians seek out this part of the trade. There is a lack of experienced Electrical Test Technicians across the US, as well as other countries.

There was also a vision to become another useful resource to existing technicians in the field. To create a network of common issues that we come across on a daily basis. What may be common for Dave to encounter, may not be common for people in different parts of the world. This information may be exactly what is needed to help a technician tackle a problem.

Electrical Background:

15 Years Electrical Experience / 10 Years Testing/Maintenance Experience
Currently Employed by Potomac Testing
Washington DC Journeyman Electrician, License #: EJ902729
NETA Level III, License #: 13-3-9325140
Level II Airborne Ultrasonic Inspector, License #: UTL2-007011


– Protective Relay Testing (Doble 6100 Series, 2200 Series)
– Doble Protection Suite (Build Automated Test Plans)
– Distribution Transformer Testing (Doble M4000)
– Low Voltage Acceptance/Maintenance Testing
– Medium Voltage Acceptance/Maintenance Testing
– Control Modifications/Upgrades
– Neat/Thorough Test Reports (PowerDB)
– Supervise Work Quality & Functionality
– Electrical Switching following NFPA 70E
– US Embassy NETA Testing
– Power Quality Monitoring (Fluke 1750/1735, Dranetz PX5)
– Load Bank Testing
– Breaker Retrofits/Repairs
– Cable Testing
– Testing & Procedure Consulting
– Electrical Surveying for Equipment Upgrades
– Electrical Installations (Relay, Reactors, CT/PT’s, Meters, Heaters, etc.)
– Electrical Blow Up repairs (Bus Bending, Insulation, Bushing Repairs, etc.)
– Transformer Winding Replacement, Bushing Leak Repairs
– Transformer Load Tap Changer Repairs
– Oil Filled Breaker Repairs

Email – Dave@ElectricalTestTech.com (Dave@ElectricalTestTech.com)

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