The “Members Only!” section of this web site will be split into two categories. “Supporter” and “Premium Supporter”.


  • (>$600 value) “Premium Supporter” Subscription will have access to everything. Certain code books, standards, spreadsheets, and text books are a few items that can ONLY  be accessed as a Premium Supporter. ($39.99 USD/1st month, $5 month after initial)


  • “Supporter” will have access to a limited number of books, standards, spreadsheets, etc. ($9.99 USD/1st month, $5 month after initial)

Overview of Access

        • Discord Server
        • Technical Papers
        • Standards
        • eBooks
        • Protection Suite Test plans
        • Speadsheet/Calculations
        • Premium/Supporter articles
        • and anything else you guys would like to see featured! (Maybe live video Q/A?)


As a reminder:  The transaction of any type of currency is not for the purpose of purchasing goods. It is strictly a donation to the website to be self supportive and maintain all site security. All information and documentation are FREE of charge and will not be sold on this website.

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