Electrical Acceptance & Maintenance Testing

ETT’s extensive testing program will ensure that potential problems are identified and corrected before damage can be done.

Our Acceptance testing program guards against the installation or service-operation of malfunctioning equipment; guarantees that the equipment will meet or exceed manufacturer’s recommendations; and makes certain that equipment and systems are installed in accordance with design specifications and drawings.

ETT can utilize various standards to ensure that your equipment is safe to energize and operates correctly before you start applying critical loads. If you are looking for advice during the early design stages of a new construction project, we can help to shed light on the pros and cons of different configurations.

What is the purpose of acceptance testing?

Under certain circumstances, customers pay the manufacturer to test the equipment at the factory. Sometimes the intent is to avoid testing after installation. But the time between the testing at the factory, until the time the equipment is installed, could be months’ worth of time.

Countless hands have touched your equipment and moved it from a factory floor to a flatbed truck. If we lived in a perfect world, all of the roads across our nation would be like driving on fresh smooth pavement. But the reality is, the truck will hit some potholes or bumps along the road.

The seismic forces will be transferred to your equipment for hours of driving time. It will then be rigged by another set of hands when it reaches its’ final location, to remove it from the truck. It will encounter one more mobile operation to reach its’ final resting destination.

From the time it leaves the factory floor, until the time it is installed, is the time that unforeseen problems are introduced. Let ETT give you a “One Up.”

Electrical Maintenance & Testing

Replacement of your equipment is not cheap. To put it into perspective, do you maintain your vehicles? Your vehicle gets an oil change every 3000-5000 miles. Why do we do that? The properties of the oil begin to break down over repeated cycles of heat. It is there to lubricate the mechanical parts and help with cooling. Without oil, mechanical parts would cause more friction which generates more heat. If you run your vehicle without oil, you will need a new engine.

This can be the same for electrical equipment. Grease is used for open air systems. It needs to withstand the operating environment – Air, and still provide the lubricating properties the equipment needs. Over time, grease dries out and hardens. It forms a crust on moving parts. This crust can cause two things: the ability to seize moving parts in place; or increased heat losses. Both of which are not good for keeping your equipment in tip top shape.

Allow ETT to help you with your electrical maintenance program. Whether your system is new or old, maintaining your equipment will help to extend the life of your equipment.

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