Electrical Test Equipment Rental Companies

Where do you rent your electrical test equipment?


Oftentimes, you may not have a test set that you may need. There are multiple reasons why this may be the case. Those of us who regularly work in the electrical testing field, know how expensive equipment is. A primary current injection test set may sell for $100,000. If you don’t have the money for it, renting by the day, week, or month are good options. From the outside, if you are renting long term, you may want to look into a purchase.

An easy estimate on how much an item may cost to rent can be based off of the entire purchase cost of the equipment. Divide the entire cost by 12 months in a year, and that’s around how much it would cost as a monthly rental. If you are looking to rent a $60,000 relay test set, you can expect a $5,000/month rental fee. If you break it down to a weekly rate, take 40% of the monthly rate, and assume that is the weekly rate. $5,000 * 40% = $2000/week rental fee. If you want a daily rental fee, you can assume that if you divide the weekly fee by 6 days = $333.33/day. So if you reverse engineer this, you could easily pay the entire unit off for the rental company if you are not watching your money.

But regardless, everyone needs to rent test equipment. They are an important piece of our testing cycle!


Which rental companies do you use?


So how do you know which company to use? I’m going to list the most popular rental companies polled by the Electrical Test Tech network.


1) Kwick Power Rentals


Call Kwick @ 877-383-4040

When it comes to load testing, you will need a source of rental equipment. Kwick isn’t your general rental company. They are in the business of load testing. Power Quality Meters, Thermographic Cameras and Load banks are the major items they have for rent. Give ’em a shot!


2) A-Rent Test Equipment


Call A-Rent @ 630-748-8900

A-Rent Test Equipment has a lot to offer. Relay test sets, current transformer test sets, breaker test sets, ductors, winding resistance, etc., the list goes on. With almost 20 different categories of test equipment to choose from, A-Rent Test Equipment is bound to have something you’re looking for.


3) ECP Solutions


Call ECP @ 866-725-3771

ECP Solutions offers rental equipment or equipment sales. They have a wide variety of test equipment available. They also offer total equipment management utilizing ECP Tracer. ECP Tracer helps you locate equipment on demand, track its utilization, manage it through calibration and repair, and keep it safely under watch. If you are looking for more out of your rental company, you might want to give ECP Solutions a look!


4) Protec Equipment Resources, Inc.


Call Protec @ 866-352-5550

We are the Electrical Test & Measurement Equipment Rental Experts.

Offering a large, nationwide rental fleet of electrical test and measurement equipment, and the leader in the industry for over 15 years, Protec understands that our customers need experienced people to align them with the proper equipment, getting it to the right place at the right time.


5) Intellirent


Call Intellirent @ 888-902-6111

Intellirent is a worldwide rental provider of test equipment. With a deep commitment to exemplary service, anticipatory preparation of equipment, technical support and logistics, intellirent delivers field ready equipment for electrical testing, maintenance, acceptance and monitoring applications.


6) ElectroRent


Call ElectroRent @ 800-553-2255

When you choose Electro Rent, you gain access to our team of 650 industry experts to help optimize your operations, enabling you to break down barriers to innovation faster than ever before. Electro Rent experts examine your test equipment utilization and tailor an acquisition approach to optimize your spend. Rent, lease, purchase or all three — Electro Rent is your go-to partner.


7) TRSRenTelco


Call TRSRentelCo @ 833-687-8551

TRS-RenTelco offers a diverse product inventory with solutions for a large variety of applications.

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