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These are the best laboratories to send your oil samples to…

Finding a reputable company to send an oil sample to is a matter of locating your favorite search engine, and typing “Electrical oil testing laboratory” or something of that nature in the search bar. You will get the promoted vendors that appear on the top of the page, and slowly work through websites. The entire 1st page is filled with companies.

I surveyed my Facebook and Instagram audience to see who they use to test their oil samples. I wanted to share in a single location, the companies that are being used by the followers of ETT. If you would like to add a company to this list, e-mail Support@ElectricalTestTech.com

1) Electric Power Systems (EPS)

Call 24/7 @ (855) 459-4377

Electric Power Systems is a NETA Certified, Independent Electrical Testing & Engineering Organization. We specialize in engineering design, commissioning, start up, and maintenance testing for utility, industrial, transit, data centers, and commercial facilities. At Electric Power Systems, we are committed to promoting a culture of safety within our organization and alongside all of our clients. Our dedication to providing safe and reliable services has made us a trusted industry leader since 1977.

2) Weidmann Electrical Technology AG

Call Bensalem PA @ (215) 639-8599

Weidmann has been at the heart of the global transformer industry for over 140 years. With deep rooted knowledge in the design, development and operation of transformers, Weidmann is a leading integrated solutions provider for specialized product and services in the energy sector. Working closely with our customers, Weidmann continues to lead the global market delivering high quality, innovative product and service solutions.

3) Doble


Call Doble @ (617) 926-4900

Founded in 1920, Doble Engineering Company ensures reliable, safe and secure power for all. We do this by providing comprehensive diagnostics and engineering expertise for the energy industry.

Doble is part of the Utility Solutions Group of ESCO Technologies Inc. (NYSE: ESE) and serves customers around the globe. Our companies and product lines include ENOSERV, Manta Test Systems, Morgan Schaffer, Vanguard Instruments, and Xtensible Solutions.

Doble is an ISO 9001 & ISO/IEC 17025 & 17034 certified company.

4) SDMeyers

Call SDMeyers @ (330) 630-7000

SDMyers specializes in transformer reliability. Our services include condition monitoring, inspection, testing, and servicing of electrical transformers. More broadly, however, SDMyers is a pioneer in the transformer reliability field, constantly investing in research and development to solve complex and high-stakes maintenance problems for thousands of businesses, organizations, and municipalities.

5) TJ/H2B Analytical Services, Inc.

Call TJ/H2B Analytical Services, Inc. @ Click Here

TJ/H2b Analytical Services, Inc. is a full service laboratory that offers analytical testing and diagnostic evaluation of oil and gas insulated electrical equipment.

Additionally, TJ/H2b performs environmental testing for hazardous materials that are used in high voltage electrical equipment, employing a wide variety of physical, chemical and electrical testing methods for routine and investigatory analyses.

Testing yields information about the condition of the material and the equipment or site from which the sample was taken.

TJ/H2b provides material and/or equipment specific diagnostic evaluations and consultation services to give as complete an analysis as possible. Substantial individual projects are routinely handled with no loss in turnaround time or quality performance.

TJ/H2b has developed three proprietary diagnostic evaluations for differing types of high voltage electrical equipment: Breaker Oil Analysis (BOA™) for oil filled circuit breakers, Tap changer Activity Signature Analysis (TASA™) for on-load Tap Changers and Transformer Condition Assessment (TCA™) for oil insulated transformers of any size. Please select a diagnostic for more information.

TJ/H2b has also developed sampling and testing procedures for SF6 that can significantly reduce the cost of breaker maintenance

6) Shermco

Call Shermco @ 888-SHERMCO

Since 1974, Shermco has become North America’s largest and fastest-growing electrical testing organization accredited by the InterNational Electrical Testing Association. Our focus is to make sure electrical power systems are functioning properly and safely. Add to that our Professional Engineering Group, Rotating Machinery Division, Renewable Energy Services, and Field Repair and local Repair Service Centers, Shermco is positioned to handle all things electrical. Always completed with an emphasis on safety and client service. That’s why we say… if it’s in the electrical power system, Shermco does it.

7) Jaco Analytical

Contact JACO Analytical @ (800) 521-0539

JACO Analytical Laboratory, Inc. was formed in April of 1993 in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. In December of 1993, JACO purchased National Chem Lab and moved into its current location at 103 12th Avenue SW, Ephrata, Washington.

The laboratory originally performed PCB analysis on oil, soil, and water. In conjunction with JACO Analytical Laboratory, JACO Construction offers on-site energized transformer sampling for PCBs.

In 1995, JACO expanded those services to include dissolved gas analysis and oil quality tests for transformer oils. JACO Analytical has continued to expand its services and equipment through the years and has proudly been serving customers throughout the United States.

8) MVA Diagnostics

Call MVA Diagnostics @ (330) 498-6255

The leadership of MVA Diagnostics has over 60 years of experience testing and interpreting transformer oil test results and managing transformer assets. Our management team has served in leadership roles to help shape industry standards on both ASTM’s Electrical Insulating Liquid and Gases Committee as well as the IEEE Transformer Committee. Our team of experts has written, published and presented multiple papers on transformers as a result of our experience. This leadership and knowledge provides our customers the confidence to work with a proven industry leader.

Our staff of highly trained lab chemists is no exception. They are rigorously trained to ASTM standards and follow procedures thoroughly and consistently. Our unique software allows us to electronically track and efficiently process oil samples so that you receive your results accurately and timely.

9) RESA Power, LLC

Contact RESA Power @ 1-800-576-RESA

RESA Power is the industry leader in electrical life extension products and services with many locations across the United States and Canada. We are experts in servicing major power distribution and control markets and have one of the largest inventories of obsolete and hard-to-find components in the industry.

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